Albumen powder high gel


  • Hen egg albumen powder high gel
  • Hen egg albumen powder high gel made from barn eggs
  • Hen egg albumen powder high gel made from free-range eggs
  • HG-BH* Hen egg albumen powder high gel made of barn eggs
  • Hen egg albumen powder high gel KAT made from barn eggs

* confirmed origin of barn  rearing system; inspection body AgroVet GmBH


Hen Egg Albumin Powder High Gel  was obtained by elimination of glucose, drying the liquid protein of chicken egg and pasteurization. Production process meets the requirements of Polish legislation on food products and EC Regulation 853/2004 and 852/2004 dated 29/04/2004.

A very important and making this product outstanding feature is the ability of gelation called gel strength. Gelation of presented albumen in comparison with the gelation of white natural egg is much more effective. Very high gel strength of the product increases the range of application. The product is designed as a functional and nutritional additive for processing meat, ham, sausages, pates, fish products, food decorations and other additional food products. 1 kg of instant hen egg albumen replaces about 316 proteins (whites) of fresh eggs weighing 50 g.

Product best features

  • convenient in use and storage
  • preserves original functional properties of hen eggs
  • wide variety of application
  • can be combined with any raw materials and semi-finished confectionery and bakery products
  • excellent solubility
  • high and stable frothiness of protein products
  • full guarantee of microbiological safety

Since its creation OVOPOL has grown into one of the main leaders of egg processing market in Europe. Continuous modernization and expansion of our technological and production base enable us to produce the highest quality products.

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