Company History

“We can meditate about the past, but we need to create the future” 

Edward Schillebeeckx

   The history of the Company began in 1951 when State Egg Plant (Państwowe Zakłady Jajczarskie) started working. It is more than 65 year of experience.


1951 – creation of Processing Egg Plant (Zakład Przetwórstwa Jajczarskiego) in Nowa Sól
1972 –  creation of Lubuskie Zakłady Drobiarskie "POLDRÓB" with its seat in Nowa Sól
1990 – creation of Egg Plant (Zakłady Jajczarskie) in Nowa Sól
1997 – creation of limited liability company [in Polish: spółka z o.o.] under the name Zakłady Jajczarskie OVOPOL Sp. z o.o.
1998 – implementation of quality system HACCP
2001 – obtaining permission to export  products to the countries of the European Union
The period of intensive development of the Company began with its privatization and has lasted to this day. Modernization and expansion of the technological and production base allowed us to obtain the highest quality product and increase production capacity. This period means also the expansion of markets, the range of products and the acquisition of numerous certificates confirming the quality and safety of our products.


Currently the Company is continuously developing very dynamically and increasing the production capacity. Now OVOPOL consists of 2 fully operational production facilities with a total area of over 13 500 m2.  The second production plant was opened in February 2016 which clearly affected company's production capacity.

February 2016 is the date of opening a new facility in KSSSE in Nowa Sól at Motoryzacyjna 8 Street.

Since its creation OVOPOL has grown into one of the main leaders of egg processing market in Europe. Continuous modernization and expansion of our technological and production base enable us to produce the highest quality products.

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OVOPOL Sp. z o.o.
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